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Gary Gastineau L. The Exchange-Traded Funds Manual analyze
Full coverage of ETF investments from an expert in the field The initial edition of Gary Gastineau's The Exchange-Traded Fund Manual was one of the first books to describe and analyze ETFs. It made the case for the superiority of the structure of investor-friendly ETFs over mutual funds and helped investors select better funds among the ETFs available. With this new edition, Gastineau provides comprehensive information on the latest developments in ETF structures, new portfolio variety, and new trading methods. With a realistic evaluation of today's indexes, Gastineau offers insights on actively managed ETFs, improved index funds, and fund and advisor selection. Discusses how to incorporate ETFs into an investment plan Offers updated coverage of new ETFs, including full-function actively managed ETFs, and a valuable chapter on trading ETFs Written by the leading authority on exchange traded funds Exchange-traded funds offer you diversification and participation in markets and investment strategies that have not been available to most investors. If you want to understand how to use ETFs effectively, the Second Edition of The Exchanged-Traded Fund Manual can show you how.
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Sleepace Smart Sleep Dot Sleep Quality Improvement Monitor Device analyze
video By simply attaching the sleep dot to the upper corner of your pillow, you can measure your sleep cycles and body movements. Sleep monitoring: Display sleep regular every day you wake up Sleep aid music: Patented Della sleep music help you fall asleep quietly and quickly Alarm naturally: Soothing sound and music wake you up naturally and let you feel refresh Sleep report: Help analyze sleep trend via day/week/month sleep data to find potential illness Simplify your life : Easy to use, user friendly, long battery life Remote care : Share your account and learn about the sleep status of your family members and friends Specifications BrandSleepace Data TransmissionBluetooth 4.0 Protocol Range10m Indoors Battery CR2032 Button Battery Battery Life 3 Months SystemAndroid 4.3 or above, IOS 7 or above Application for All Ages Product Size 33.3 x 33.3 x 13.2 mm Product Weight 15 g Package 1 x Sleep Dot, 1 x CR Button Battery, 1 x English User Manual
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Gennady Bordyugov The XXth Century Political History of Russia: lecture materials analyze
The XXth Century Political History of Russia presents lecture materials for academics working with undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students as well as researchers of Russian history. The chapters are an unusual insight into the Russian past, which makes the readers think, analyze and also reconsider some events of the Russian history. It is an exciting blend of stories of the past and future trends, allowing to make forecasts and predictions.
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Aliza  Sherman Social Media Engagement For Dummies analyze
Put «engage» front and center in your social media marketing engagement strategies! When you focus on the engagement side of a social media marketing strategy, you'll build and grow relationships with followers and customers, craft content just for them, analyze how they're responding, and refocus and refresh your campaigns accordingly. This smart guide shows you how to do all that, and then some. From building trust to sparking conversation to using video and other tools, this creative book is a must read if you want to discover all that goes into the most important aspect of today's social marketing. Helps you build and foster social media relationships with potential customers, fans, followers, and current customers Shows you how to spark actions, reactions, or interactions–and make things happen Explores the fundamentals, especially for do-it-yourself small-business owners and marketers Covers building trust and credibility, creating connections, encouraging sharing, using social networks to engage, using email marketing or SEO to engage, and much more Social Media Engagement For Dummies will help you connect to followers, convert them to customers, turn them into evangelists for your company, and boost your bottom line!
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Kim  Heldman Project Manager's Spotlight on Risk Management analyze
Clear-Cut Ways to Manage Project Risk If you're a typical project manager, you're probably aware of the importance of risk management but may not have the time or expertise to develop a full-blown plan. This book is a quick and practical guide to applying the disciplines of proven risk management practices without the rigor of complex processes. Part of the Project Manager's Spotlight series from Harbor Light Press, this straightforward book offers solutions to real-life risk scenarios. Inside, best-selling author Kim Heldman highlights critical components of risk management and equips you with tools, techniques, checklists, and templates you can put to use immediately. By following a realistic case study from start to finish, you'll see how a project manager deals with each concept. Ultimately, this book will help you anticipate, prevent, and alleviate major project risks. Project Manager's Spotlight on Risk Management teaches you how to Look for and document risk Anticipate why projects fail Prevent scope and schedule risks Analyze and prioritize risks Develop, implement, and monitor risk response plans And much more!
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John  Horne A Companion to World War I analyze
A Companion to the First World War brings together an international team of distinguished historians who provide a series of original and thought-provoking essays on one of the most devastating events in modern history. Comprises 38 essays by leading scholars who analyze the current state of historical scholarship on the First World War Provides extensive coverage spanning the pre-war period, the military conflict, social, economic, political, and cultural developments, and the war's legacy Offers original perspectives on themes as diverse as strategy and tactics, war crimes, science and technology, and the arts Selected as a 2011 Outstanding Academic Title by CHOICE
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Sangram  Vajre Account-Based Marketing For Dummies analyze
Grow your account list with an effective account-based marketing strategy Buyers have changed the B2B marketing game. Account-Based Marketing For Dummies is here to give you the tools to transform your current approach to find, reach, and engage with your potential customers on their terms to meet their ever-changing demands. Packed with expert tips and step-by-step instructions, this book shows you how to analyze current data to identify the accounts with the biggest ROI opportunities and execute effective, account-specific techniques that get results. This practical guide takes the intimidation out of account-based marketing in today's highly digitized world. You'll be armed with the knowledge you need to increase your reach in real time, giving you greater exposure to other decision-makers and influencers within an account. You'll discover how, through a combination of marketing technology and online advertising, your messages can be displayed where and when your customers already engage online. Align your sales and marketing teams for greater success in your ABM efforts Analyze data to identify key accounts Target your messages for real-time interaction Integrate your campaign with marketing automation software If you're a member of a sales or marketing team already using a CRM tool who's looking to increase your reach, Account-Based Marketing For Dummies has you covered! «Account-Based Marketing For Dummies clears away the confusion surrounding this much-hyped topic. It offers simple, direct explanations of what account-based marketing is, why it’s important, and how to do it. Any business marketing professional will benefit from a look at this book.»– David Raab, Founder at Raab Associates «If you're reading this book and just getting started with ABM, welcome to the future of what b-to-b marketing can be: insight-led, technology-enabled and, above all, customer focused. Our clients are delighted with the business impact they deliver using account-based marketing, and you will be, too.» – Megan Heuer, Vice President and Group Director, SiriusDecisions «Like a Hollywood agent, marketing's job is to get sales the 'audition,' not the part. Account-based marketing is the key to maximizing the number of the 'right' auditions for your sales team, and Account-Based Marketing For Dummies explains how.» – Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing at InsightSquared «Ever-advancing marketing technology is enabling a new generation of sales and marketing strategies to thrive, changing the playing field for companies of all sizes. This modern wave of account-based marketing has tremendous potential to improve your business, and Sangram Vajre is an insightful and enthusiastic guide to show you how.» – Scott Brinker, Author of Hacking Marketing «Account-based marketing is shifting how businesses use customer insights to capture more upmarket revenue. This book teaches a new wave of data-driven marketers how to embrace an enlightened quality-vs-quantity approach and execute a scalable ABM strategy that delivers real results.» – Sean Zinsmeister, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Infer «The book may be titled '…for dummies', but ABM is proving to be a smart approach for B2B marketers charged with generating sales pipeline and acquiring and delighting customers. Use this book to help you get started and advance your account-based marketing strategies and tactics that will thrill your sales colleagues, executive team and customers alike.» Scott Vaughan, CMO, Integrate
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Dan  Roberts Confessions of a Successful CIO. How the Best CIOs Tackle Their Toughest Business Challenges analyze
Be the most effective CIO you can be—by learning from the best in the business Today's Chief Information Officers must be an entirely new breed of technology leader. With ever-changing demands from the business, and in an increasingly technology-centric business environment, CIOs must find game-changing innovations and process improvements that make a real impact on the bottom line. Business executives need their CIOs to be real partners—speaking the language of the business and donning their strategist caps—not just commodity managers. Those IT leaders who fail to break out of the order-taker, utility manager mold will, simply put, be looking for a new job. In Confessions of a Successful CIO: How the Best CIOs Tackle Their Toughest Business Challenges, current and future CIOs will gain invaluable perspectives from the stories of today's best IT leaders. These acclaimed leaders—each profiled in their own chapter—explain the toughest business decision they had to make, and how the outcome influenced and impacted their leadership style. These in-depth anecdotes take the reader inside some of the most challenging business climates imaginable and chronicle how these elite CIOs made the decisions that mattered. Read detailed case studies of how some of the best CIOs have handled their most challenging business problems Learn how the best CIOs anticipate changes to their business and respond—before the business comes knocking Explore how these top-flight CIOs make critical decisions around strategy and IT to not only benefit their companies, but in some cases, to save them from becoming obsolete. Analyze their perspectives on managing people, crises and balancing the risks and rewards of their «bet the farm» strategies Confessions of a Successful CIO is the new playbook for learning how to take risks, respond to crises, and create more value from IT. Each chapter presents a different challenge, giving present-day and future IT leaders the chance to examine, analyze and learn so that they can be just as successful as the CIOs they're reading about.
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BSIDE BTH04 USB Single-Channel High Accuracy Temperature Data Logger Recorder - Black + Blue analyze
INTRODUCTION This data logger measures and stores up to 32000 temperature(-35 to 80(-31~176)) readings. Some professional applications can be provided by the PC software DGraphTM. Logger status alarm indication and low battery indication are via flashing red/green LED and yellow LED. The button on housing can be used to start logging or confirm and clear LED alarm when LED alarm is hold status. User can plug data logger straight into PCs USB port without any cables. Before getting started user need to install USB driver and DGraphTM software provided on the CD which is included in product packing box. All the software can run under Windows XP Vista 7 or 8(32 bit and 64 bit Versions). User can easily use DGraphTMsoftware to setup sample rate(from 10 seconds to 12 hours) high/low alarm limit and start/stop method and download data to PC etc. And then user can view analyze and print the data or export other file formats(txt xsl csv bmp jpg). Especially for some professional applications user can set access password name each channel enable/disable specified channel input calibration data for each channel disable LED indication for saving power and select sample mode(Instant Average Maximum and Minimum) etc. APPLICATIONS This data logger is used mainly to monitor and verify temperature-sensitive goods equipment or areas. e.g.: Shipping / Food Pharmaceutical / Warehouse / Museums / Buildings / Computer Rooms / Communications Equipment / Containers / Aircraft Cabins / Equipment Run Time / Laboratories / Libraries / HVAC Refrigeration / Agriculture and Livestock / Greenhouses / Environmental and Weather Monitoring BENEFITS Portable precise compact and low cost Easy to log and analyze data Unique and uniform PC software DGraphTM can meet your higher requirements Elaborate design make it perfectly work in more application field Strict design ensure long term reliable work Enhanced electrostatic protection design to prevent unexpected damage Each unit have single serial number identified by DGraphTMsoftware to manage data simply All data from different data logger and all different measurement parameters can be graphed and analyzed together FEATURES USB interface directly communicate with PC for setup and data download User can set access password for data logger User can name each channel and enable/disable specified channel freely LED alarm enable/disable LED alarm hold enable/ disable and alarm limit settings for all channels via DGraphTM User can input formula to customize compound graph from selected logging data User can create and customize new unit easily and freely for all measurement parameters Logging status indication via red/green LED and battery status indication via yellow LED Start logging method: Immediately Button Delayed User can input two point calibration value for each channel when setup Dew point calculated via software DGraphTM IP66 environmental protection Long battery life: Approx. 4 Years @ 10 Minute Sample Rate Replaceable lithium battery and logged data are not lost if battery exhausted. CD: http://m5.img.dxcdn.com/CDDriver/CD/sku.320389.rar
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Chris  Goward You Should Test That. Conversion Optimization for More Leads, Sales and Profit or The Art and Science of Optimized Marketing analyze
Learn how to convert website visitors into customers Part science and part art, conversion optimization is designed to turn visitors into customers. Carefully developed testing procedures are necessary to help you fine-tune images, headlines, navigation, colors, buttons, and every other element, creating a website that encourages visitors to take the action you seek. This book guides you through creating an optimization strategy that supports your business goals, using appropriate analytics tools, generating quality testing ideas, running online experiments, and making the adjustments that work. Conversion optimization is part science and part art; this guide provides step-by-step guidance to help you optimize your website for maximum conversion rates Explains how to analyze data, prioritize experiment opportunities, and choose the right testing methods Helps you learn what to adjust, how to do it, and how to analyze the results Features hands-on exercises, case studies, and a full-color insert reinforcing key tactics Author has used these techniques to assist Fortune 500 clients You Should Test That explains both the «why» and the «how» of conversion optimization, helping you maximize the value of your website.
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JingChuang RC-3 Mini USB 1.2 Screen Temperature Data Logger - Black (1 x CR2450) analyze
Brand JingChuang Model RC-3 Color Black Quantity 1 Screen Size 1.2" Backlight No ┬║C Temperature range 30~60 oC Unit ┬║C Other Data With the software you could analyze data in form of tables and graphs and export in picture format. The data could be queried saved printed and exported in Word/Excel/TXT format; Temperature measuring range: -30 ┬░C~+60 ┬░C; Ambient environmental temperature: -30 ┬░C~+60 ┬░C; Accuracy: ┬▒1 ┬░C; Resolution: 0.1 ┬░C; Record capacity: 16000 points (MAX); Record interval: 10s~24hour adjustable; Sensor: Internal NTC thermal resistor; Communication interface: USB interface; Power supply: CR2450 battery (not included) / USB interface; Battery life: in normal temperature if the record interval sets as 15 minutes it could be used above one year Packing List 1 x Data logger 1 x USB Cable 1 x CD 1 x Chinese user manual
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Curt  Simmons SSAT and ISEE For Dummies analyze
Your ticket to the private school of your choice The Secondary School Aptitude Test (SSAT) and Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) are the two most common standardized aptitude tests used in American private secondary schools. If you're a parent or student looking to apply for admissions at a private, military, or boarding school, SSAT & ISEE For Dummies is your family's ticket to success. Here, you'll get all the prep needed to score higher on the SSAT and ISEE exams, the most up-to-date information on the tests, hundreds of practice questions, thorough test-specific math and verbal workouts, six full-length practice tests (all with detailed answer explanations), and solid test-taking advice. Correctly answer difficult analogy and synonym questions without knowing what all the words mean Ace the math section by eliminating answers that are planted to fool test takers Apply the proven For Dummies step-by-step approach to combat the essay portion Analyze difficult passages using tips and tricks in the reading comprehension section Learn the most common vocabulary words tested on the SSAT and ISEE with an entire chapter devoted to vocabulary terms State-by-state «Private Schools at-a-Glance» chart with data on more than 1,000 private secondary schools SSAT & ISEE For Dummies provides students with the resources they need for test day preparation and gives parents sound, expert advice on selecting, applying, and paying for private school.
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Trevor Strome L. Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement analyze
Improve patient outcomes, lower costs, reduce fraud—all with healthcare analytics Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement walks your healthcare organization from relying on generic reports and dashboards to developing powerful analytic applications that drive effective decision-making throughout your organization. Renowned healthcare analytics leader Trevor Strome reveals in this groundbreaking volume the true potential of analytics to harness the vast amounts of data being generated in order to improve the decision-making ability of healthcare managers and improvement teams. Examines how technology has impacted healthcare delivery Discusses the challenge facing healthcare organizations: to leverage advances in both clinical and information technology to improve quality and performance while containing costs Explores the tools and techniques to analyze and extract value from healthcare data Demonstrates how the clinical, business, and technology components of healthcare organizations (HCOs) must work together to leverage analytics Other industries are already taking advantage of big data. Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement helps the healthcare industry make the most of the precious data already at its fingertips for long-overdue quality and performance improvement.
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М. С. Majo Income and health care utilization among the 50+ in Europe and the US analyze
This study addresses the question how income affects health care utilization by the population aged 50 and over in the United States and a number of European countries with varying health care systems. The probabilities that individuals receive several medical services (visits to general practitioner, specialist, dentist, inpatient, or outpatient services) are analyzed separately using probit models. In addition to controls for income and demographic characteristics, controls for health status (both subjective and objective measures of health) are used. We analyze how the relationship between income and health care utilization varies across countries and relate these cross country differences to characteristics of the health care system, i. e., per capita total and public expenditure on health care, gate-keeping for specialist care, and copayments.
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T. Omay Energy consumption and economic growth: Evidence from nonlinear panel cointegration and causality tests analyze
In this paper, we examine nonlinear interrelationship between energy consumption and output level for a panel of G7 countries. For this purpose, we propose a nonlinear cointegration test in heterogeneous panels for testing the presence of a cointegrating relationship that follows a globally stationary exponential smooth transition (ESTR) process, and apply our test for investigating long-run relationship between energy use and economic growth in the case of the G7 countries. Our results suggest the presence of a long-run relationship between these two variables whereas adjustment to the equilibrium is inherently nonlinear. After establishing long-run relationship between energy consumption and output, we estimate a Panel Smooth Transition Vector Error Correction Model and apply nonlinear Granger causality tests in order to analyze the direction of the causality between these variables. We find that the causality between energy consumption and output level is dependent on the phases of business cycle. Our results highlight importance of taking account of possible nonlinearities in analysing output-energy causality nexus and designing energy policies.
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E07S Bluetooth 4.0 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker with Multi-Sport Mode analyze
Features Multi-sport mode: Cycling, swimming, running, rope jumping, jumping jack, sit-up, pedometer. Choose one exercise on the workout app, the smart band turns on the appropriate sensor. Sleep monitor: Automatic sleep tracking to analyze your sleep quality. Smart alerts: The moment the people or apps you care about have something to say, you'll feel a gentle tap. OLED Display: Night vision OLED displays information clearly. Awaken the screen: As soon as you gently turn your wrist inward, the screen wakes up from sleep. Standby time: Up to 30 days on a full charge. Sweat-resistant design: IP67 waterproof rating. Specifications Name Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Sensor 6 axis gravity acceleration Display 1 inch OLED CPU AMICCOM V4.0BLE IP Rating IP67 Additional Features Music switch, remote camera, alarm clock Standby Time 30days Battery 90mAh Li-po battery Bluetooth Version 4.0 OS Android 4.3 and above, iOS 7.0 above Product Weight 114.7g Product Size 44 x 34 x 10 mm Model E07S
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