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Kim  Marshall Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation. How to Work Smart, Build Collaboration, and Close the Achievement Gap kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Teacher supervision and evaluation that emphasizes fairness, excellence, and achievement In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of his bestselling book, education expert Kim Marshall shows how to break away from the typical and often ineffective evaluation approaches in which principals use infrequent classroom visits or rely on standardized test scores to assess a teacher's performance. Marshall proposes a broader framework for supervision and evaluation that enlists teachers in improving the performance of all students. Revised edition of the classic book on teacher supervision and evaluation Includes thoughts on iPad and iPhone aps for classroom observation Offers new chart on how principals can manage ten mini-observations per teacher per year Contains new thoughts on merit pay, a different approach to the test-score argument from Arne Duncan This vital resource also includes extensive tools and advice for managing time as well as ideas for using supervision and evaluation practices to foster teacher professional development.
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Shahra  Razavi Seen, Heard and Counted. Rethinking Care in a Development Context kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Contributors analyze the care economy in the developing world, at a moment when existing systems are under strain and new ideas are coming into focus. Offers the first global, regionally diverse study of the “invisible economy” of care, including case studies from diverse regional contexts of Africa, Asia and Latin America Frames the debate on care and highlights policy experimentation and ideas currently in flux Includes new research and data on developing countries, showing how, where care options for the socially disadvantaged are limited, failing to socialize the costs of care exacerbates existing inequalities Comes at a moment when, if not yet marked by a generalized care crisis, the world’s existing systems are under strain and in need of rethinking Features introductory chapters that set out the conceptual framework and findings on individual country studies, and a concluding chapter that draws out the transnational dimensions of care
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David Axson A.J. Best Practices in Planning and Performance Management. Radically Rethinking Management for a Volatile World kim  marshall rethinking teacher
A practical framework for effectively managing performance in today's complex, competitive and risky global markets The Third Edition provides a complete framework for building best practice management processes for today's complex and uncertain world. Fully updated to reflect the events of the global economic crisis, this book provides further practical examples of companies that are successfully using the practices identified. Updated for the implications of the global economic crisis on management practices Completely rewritten section on "What it Takes To Be An Effective Manager In An Uncertain World Added examples and mini case studies throughout the book from companies such as Qualcomm, IBM, Dominos, Target, Toshiba and Facebook Establishes new benchmarks for performance management process and practice Fully updated to include recent events, new learnings, technologies and emerging best practices This book includes serious rethinking of the way companies plan and manage performance-from the role of accounting to the skills needed to be an effective manager-including new technologies, techniques and real time management processes.
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Michael  Hensel Performance-Oriented Architecture. Rethinking Architectural Design and the Built Environment kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Architecture is on the brink. It is a discipline in crisis. Over the last two decades, architectural debate has diversified to the point of fragmentation and exhaustion. What is called for is an overarching argument or set of criteria on which to approach the design and construction of the built environment. Here, the internationally renowned architect and educator Michael Hensel advocates an entirely different way of thinking about architecture. By favouring a new focus on performance, he rejects longstanding conventions in design and the built environment. This not only bridges the gap between academia and practice, but, even more significantly, the treatment of form and function in design. It also has a far-reaching impact on knowledge production and development, placing an important emphasis on design research in architecture and the value of an interdisciplinary approach. Though ‘performance’ first evolved as a concept in the humanities in the 1940s and 1950s, it has never previously been systematically applied in architecture in an inclusive manner. Here Michael Hensel offers Performance-Orientated Architecture as an integrative approach to architectural design, the built environment and questions of sustainability. He highlights how core concepts and specific traits, such as climate, material performance and settlement patterns, can put architecture in the service of the natural environment. A wide range of examples are cited to support his argument, from traditional sustainable buildings, such as the Kahju Bridge in Isfahan and the Topkapí Palace in Istanbul to more contemporary works by Cloud 9, Foreign Office Architects, Steven Holl and OCEAN.
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Antonaros S. The Teacher`s Basic Tools. The Teacher as Manager kim  marshall rethinking teacher
A series of teacher training books on introductory methodology for beginning teachers, as well as developing professionals, who are interested in updating their skills and teaching techniques. The series covers some of the most basic and important areas of EFL methodology: The Teacher as Manager; Making Our Lessons Memorable; Creative Visuals; Make Grammar Come Alive; The Coursebook: Effective Use and Adaptation; Learning Words ls Fun.
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Teacher Молочный улун листовой чай премиум, 500 г kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Те Гуань Инь категории А. Знаменитый молочный улун средней ферментации, скрученный из цельных листьев. Цвет: Золотисто-зеленый, интенсивный, прозрачный. Аромат: Цветочные ноты с яркими молочно-сливочными Вкус: Незначительная терпкость, умеренная кислотность, послевкусие - мягкое с преобладанием цветочных, растительных нот и молочно-кондитерских тонов.
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John Abbink B. Alternative Assets and Strategic Allocation. Rethinking the Institutional Approach kim  marshall rethinking teacher
An insightful guide to making strategic investment allocation decisions that embraces both alternative and conventional assets In this much-needed resource, alternative and portfolio management expert John Abbink demonstrates new ways of analyzing and deploying alternative assets and explains the practical application of these techniques. Alternative Assets and Strategic Allocation clearly shows how alternative investments fit into portfolios and the role they play in an investment allocation that includes traditional investments as well. This book also describes innovative methods for valuation as applied to alternatives that previously have been difficult to analyze. Offers institutional investors, analysts, researchers, portfolio managers, and financial academics a down-to-earth method for measuring and analyzing alternative assets Reviews some of the latest alternatives that are increasing in popularity, such as high-frequency trading, direct lending, and long-term investment in real assets Outlines a strategic approach for including alternative investments into portfolios and shows the pivotal role they play in an investment allocation Using the information found in this book, you'll have a clearer sense of how to approach investment issues related to alternative assets and discover what it takes to make these products work for you.
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Teacher Японская Липа цветки липы, 500 г kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Сбалансированный цветочный купаж на основе зеленого чая. Готовый напиток обладает мощным оздоравливающим исогревающим эффектом. Подходит для употребления в СПА и бане. Цвет настоя: желто-оливковый, неинтенсивный, прозрачный. Аромат: насыщенный, с оттеками луговых трав и меда. Вкус: средняя терпкость, умеренная кислотность, послевкусие-сладкие и фруктовые ноты с приглушенными пряными оттенками.
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Teacher Черный с чабрецом GFOP крупный листовой чай с типсами, 500 г kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Классический индийский черный чай GFОР с добавлением высокогорного отборного чабреца. Цвет: Коричнево-желтый, интенсивный, прозрачный. Аромат: Пряный, разнотравье, ореховые ноты Вкус: Значительная терпкость, умеренная кислотность, послевкусие -мощные травяные ноты с мягкой горечью и отдаленными тонами меда и карамели.
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Teacher Совершенство травяной купаж на основе зеленого чая, 500 г kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Экзотический и смелый по сочетанию компонентов авторский купаж на основе сенчи, лепестков календулы, кусочков манго с ароматами арбуза и банана. Китайский чай сенча, ананас, лепестки календулы. Цвет: Светло-медовый, интенсивный, прозрачный. Аромат: Пронзительные фруктовые ноты с явными сладкими оттенками. Вкус: Средняя терпкость, умеренная кислотность, послевкусие - продолжительное, фруктовые оттенки с доминантой сладких нот.
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Teacher Сенча листовой чай премиум, 500 г kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Классический зеленый китайский чай, произведенный по японской технологии пропаривания, прессования и сушки чайных листьев. Цвет: Соломенно-желтый, неинтенсивный, прозрачный Аромат: Цветочные ноты, цитрус, свежескошенная трава. Вкус: Средняя терпкость, умеренная кислотность, в послевкусии проявляются лимонные и соломенные ноты.
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Teacher Татарский чай с Душицой, 500 г kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Авторский сбор на основе российских трав и цейлонского чая. Готовый напиток обладает сильным успокаивающим и расслабляющим эффектом. Рекомендован к употреблению в вечернее время, способствует спокойному, глубокому сну. Аромат: Мощные растительные ноты с приглушенными сладкими оттенками. Вкус: Незначительная терпкость, средняя кислотность, послевкусие долгое, бархатистое, с явными растительными нотами.
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Teacher Ромашка цветки отборной ромашки, 250 г kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Собранные вручную отборные соцветия луговой ромашки. Ромашка обладает антисептическими и антибактериальными свойствами. Можно заваривать в чистом виде или использовать как компонент для различных напитков и коктейлей. Средняя терпкость, средняя кислотность, послевкусие-долгое, с цветочно-травяными оттенками.
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Teacher Пуэр Королевский листовой чай, 250 г kim  marshall rethinking teacher
Классический юннаньский сильно ферментированный листовой шу-пуэр (черный пуэр) Аромат: Темно-шоколадный, интенсивный, Цвет: Интенсивный с преобладанием древесно-земляными нот и легкими дымными оттенками. Вкус: Значительная терпкость, умеренная кислотность, послевкусие продолжительное с легкой горчинкой, общим древесным фоном и отдаленными нотами сладости.
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