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Вероника Ларссон BDSM. Practice. Psychology. Art вероника ларссон bdsm  practice  psychology  art
A little hard and perverted sex, debauchery and passion, pain and humiliation, will not hurt anyone. In BDSM, the “lower” suffer with might and main under the guidance of their restless “masters”. In this book you are waiting for: the history of the emergence of BDSM, paraphernalia and slang participants, BDSM-community, BDSM practice, safety technology, BDSM from the point of view of psychology, BDSM in art.
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Sue  Barker Vital Notes for Nurses. Psychology вероника ларссон bdsm  practice  psychology  art
Vital Notes for Nurses: Psychology provides a concise, accessible introduction to key psychological theories and outlines their relevance to nursing practice. Divided into seven chapters, the first offers a preliminary insight into the different perspectives in psychology: Biological, Psychodynamic, Behavioural, Cognitive and Humanistic. These perspectives go on to underpin the topics in all the other chapters. Vital Notes for Nurses: Psychology explores developmental theories, attachment theories, and relationship theories. It discusses issues relevant to nursing practice such as motivation, change, stereotypes, relationships and motivation and looks at issues of suffering, including stress and pain. Illustrated with examples from all branches of nursing practice, this text clearly illustrates the relevance of psychology to nurses. Relates psychological themes specifically to nursing practice Written in a clear, accessible style which assumes no prior knowledge Useful to all nursing students on the common foundation programme as well as newly qualified nurses. Each chapter includes features such as activities, case studies and learning objectives
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Thomas Plante G. Contemporary Clinical Psychology вероника ларссон bdsm  practice  psychology  art
A realistic and contemporary portrayal of the dynamic field of clinical psychology Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the most current topics professionals will face in clinical practice, the Third Edition takes an integrative biopsychosocial approach throughout and features: New coverage of innovations in psychotherapy and their implications for interventions, changing populations, and assessment Up-to-date discussion of empirically supported treatments, technology-assisted treatments such as Web-based interventions, and new cognitive behavior treatments such as ACT Insights into prevention, ethics, evidence-based treatments, and confidentiality laws and regulations including HIPAA Case studies detailing the theoretical conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of clients Chapter-ending Big Picture synopses and lists of key points and terms, as well as unique Real Students, Real Questions sections featuring actual questions asked by clinical psychology students Firsthand career advice from a diverse group of mental health professionals Current and future trends, plus a step-by-step road map that covers all aspects of becoming a clinical psychologist This broad-spectrum overview of the art and science of clinical psychology explores many different perspectives in many different settings. Author Thomas Plante draws from his own experience as a practicing clinician and college professor to reveal how science and application function together in the day-to-day practice of psychology.
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Nail Art Practice Artificial Finger for Manicure Training - Light Orange (5 PCS) вероника ларссон bdsm  practice  psychology  art
Color Light Orange Material Plastic Quantity 5 Functions Made of hard plastic; Likelike practice fingers you can use it for nail art practice; Adhesive tape at the bottom to keep it steady Packing List 5 x fingers
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Clear Nail Art Tips Display Practice Round Wheel вероника ларссон bdsm  practice  psychology  art
1 wheels with 20 nails on a wheel - Color: Clear - Full/whole size - Oval shaped - Suitable for painting or airbrushing - Brand new and unused
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Вероника Ларссон The point G. Where is and how to find it. Practice and stimulation вероника ларссон bdsm  practice  psychology  art
The point G is called by some scientists “gynecological UFO”, since until now, since the opening of this zone in the vagina of a woman in 1944 and the publication of material in 1950 by gynecologist Ernst Grefenberg, do not believe in its existence. Other scientists agree with his colleague, believing that inside the female genital organs there really is a certain area, the stimulation of which leads to a powerful orgasm and is accompanied by the release of fluid.
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